Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grilled Shrimp, Zucchini and Mushrooms

I love grilled shrimp.  It's quick and easy to prepare and it's good for you.  Since the humidity finally went away, I made the majority of dinner on the grill.

I bought a bag of raw, frozen, easy-to-peel shrimp.  This is a great thing, because all I had to do was pull of the tails.  They have already been deveined, which is the worst part about cleaning shrimp.  I then skewered the shrimp on bamboo skewers.  For seasoning, I melted 2 tablespoons butter, added garlic salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes and a dash of chili powder.  I brushed this over the shrimp before and during grilling.  These skewers will only take a couple minutes on each side to cook.

I had some leftover mushrooms in the fridge so I pulled out the stems and skewered those as well.  I didn't add any seasonings to them, and just let them cook over the heat of the grill.

I also grilled zucchini, which is a great way to have zucchini, especially when it's in season.  I sliced the zucchini and coated each slice with olive oil, salt and pepper and Mrs. Dash seasoning.  Grill each slice until tender.

I also prepared a rice packet so we had something with a little substance for supper.  If you decide to recreate any of these, I hope you enjoy.  Happy grilling!

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